Terminal Appointment Booking System




The dashboard can be viewed by clicking here.

View the dashboard to see the availability of slots per time zone of TABS at MICT in real-time. Because the information is in real time, brokers will have accurate information and more visibility to allow them to plan more efficiently to make bookings in TABS.

Truck plate verification

Need to know if your truck is allowed on the road during truck ban hours?

Use our verification feature to find out.

TABS truck plate verification

The Points Payment System

Soon all bookings through ATI will require Points to use TABS. All bookings through MICT require points.

For each booking, you’ll need to have a certain number of Points in your account.  Your Points will increase or decrease as you conduct more and more business transactions.

Use TABS’ Points Payment System (PPS) to view your Points balance, or purchase Points.

Visiting MICT? User Guide or FAQ.

Visiting ATI? User Guides and FAQ.

Register here for access

Before you can use TABS to visit a terminal, you first need to register.

1-stop booking system register



If you’ve already got access to one terminal and need to access another, contact us directly.

1-Stop booking system contactus

Log On

If you’ve been given a username and password already, and ready to make bookings, just logon.


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